Indexia Group is hiring 2,350 people in Europe and pursues its international expansion

March 2022 – Indexia Group, is a leading European stakeholder in multimedia insurance, in the design and omnichannel distribution of services for mobile phones, multimedia devices and the web. The group plans to recruit 2,350 new permanent employees in Europe this year, including 1,500 in France, 500 in Spain, 200 in Portugal and 150 in Belgium, mainly to support Hubside.Store retail network’s fast-paced growth. Indeed, the brand plans to reach 130 shops by the end of the year and should settle in Italy and Germany in the following months. 

Since its creation in 1999, Indexia Group has become a leading European stakeholder in multimedia insurance, in the design and omnichannel distribution of services for mobile phones, high tech goods and the web. The group began its activity by creating the first “all-risk” insurance covering smartphones and multimedia devices against oxidation, breakage, theft and loss. Its expertise in retail networks, its ability to adapt to consumption patterns’ change and its acute sense of innovation enabled the group to expand in France and then in Europe while diversifying into new areas of expertise. In 2020, the group launched its own retail network, Hubside.Store, which gathers all the group’s know-how: sale of new and refurbished multimedia devices (smartphones, PCs, tablets, TVs, accessories, etc.) and additional services: turnkey website creation solution, repairing and refurbishment of multimedia devices, loyalty programs, rental and buy back plans etc. Hubside.Store is expecting to reach 130 stores by the end of 2022, 500 in 2023. Indexia Group currently manages 8 million customers and 2,500 partners in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Czech Republic and will achieve a €1.26 billion turnover by the end of 2022. 

The company is looking for customer relationship managers, teleconsultants, sellers, trainers and coaches, repairer and refurbishing technicians. The group is also looking for 200 trainees as part of its own education and training program “Hubside.Store Academy”. 

A deep commitment to good quality worklife and youth employment, which implies : 

– Opportunities for internal development,
– Benefits such as wage up to 40% above the market average, health insurance 100% covered by the company, profit-sharing and/or incentive bonuses, day-nursery places, etc. 

The brand strives to preserve equal opportunities and diversity by promoting a balanced representation of women and men, in particular by fostering women to access positions of responsibility and by maintaining the same wage levels according to the positions and a specific salary scale. In addition, the group offers solutions to support parenthood: in 2020, it it launched a partnership with Babilou, France’s leading nursery network. Since 2017, those initiatives enabled the Group to be rewarded the “HappyIndexAtWork” label, given to companies where employees are happy to work.