Indexia Group is awarded the HappyIndex®AtWork label for the 6th year in a row

With a score of 4.17/5, the Group is ranked 6th among companies of more than 1,000 employees where it is good to work. 

In addition to being a great reward, this survey is also a valuable indicator of the social policy implemented within the company. It is measured in the light of several criterias: quality of life at work, wage & recognition, pride, pleasure found in undergoing one’s missions, motivation & management, challenging environment, and professional development. 

64.7% of Indexia Group’s workers recommended the quality of life and working conditions offered within the group. 

Thank you to all employees for their trust in the company which allowed the renewal of the label. 

This year, Indexia Group gets two Choosemycompany’s awards: 

HappyIndex®AtWork, which rewards companies where employees are happy to work, 

WeImpactIndex®, which rewards companies for their meaningful CSR policy (social and environmental commitment).