Hubside.Store launches the 4th cycle of “Change Together”

During the European Week for Sustainable Development, which aims to raise public awareness on environmental issues, Indexia Group launches the 4th round of the large-scale old tech devices collection and recycling operation, carried out by its brand Hubside.Store in partnership with Ateliers du Bocage (Emmaüs movement) and the eco-organism Ecologic.

Launched as a pilot operation from 2 November 2020 to 31 January 2021 across France and in November 2021 in Spain and Portugal, the collection operation is resuming from 18 September to 8 October in France (in 37 shops) and on the Iberian Peninsula (in 14 shops). As previous editions, customers will be able to drop off their used phones or tablets, as well as batteries and related accessories (chargers, headphones, etc.) in participating shops.

The goal? To foster tech equipment lifespan extension and support digital inclusion.

For each device dropped off, Hubside.Store will donate €10 to Emmaus Connect to support digital workshops to reduce social and digital exclusion. For each deposit, customers will be offered a €15-voucher to be used in Hubside.Store’s shops on refurbished products and accessories.

At the end, Hubside.Store will give away all collected equipments to Ateliers du Bocage, which will sort, repair (if they are reusable) and reset them entirely erasing previous owner’s data. Refurbished appliances will then be sold at a fair price in the “BOOTIQUES” Ateliers du Bocage. Devices that cannot be reused will be recovered by the eco-organism Ecologic for recycling.

Since the creation of the project, Hubside.Store’s team has already collected more than 2,500 devices across three territories, which have already made it possible to finance a few digital trainings.