Hubside.Store, Indexia Group’s retail network, wins Cegid Retail Rising Star & Growth Award

On June 13th, Cegid Connections Retail 2022’s ceremony was in full swing. This event was organized by Cegid, leader in cloud services and management software solutions, for all Cegid Retail customers and main partners. 

This ceremony highlighted Hubside.Store’s innovative concept which was offered the “Retail Rising Star & Growth” award, in the presence of Sylvain Bourdette, the group’s CIO. This comes as a reward for its dazzling growth since the creation of the retail network in 2020. 

Within just two years, Hubside.Store has taken up the challenge, and not the least, of opening 120 shops in France and Europe at an unprecedented pace in the world of retail. 

Congratulations to all Hubside.Store’s team for the involvement and commitment which enables the new Hubside.Store’s concept to take off!