Our mission

To offer solutions that simplify our customers’ connected lives.

Indexia Group is extremely attentive to the economic and cultural environment of each of its markets: our offers are designed to meet the expectations and needs of customers at the local level and are developed in close collaboration with our partners. Our Group works to anticipate consumer needs as well as possible by focusing its activities on quality service.

For 20 years, our expertise in distribution networks, our ability to adapt to market changes and our keen sense of innovation have set us apart. We have indeed developed a 360° know-how in the design and omnichannel distribution of services in the world of telephones, multimedia and the web.

Today, Indexia Group’s ambition is to become a leading international player in the omnichannel distribution of products and services for the multimedia sector. To take up these challenges, our Group can rely on a solid and resilient business model and its 3,00 employees.

Our values

Indexia Group’s DNA is based on 4 values: respect, quality, innovation and agility. These values guide its development and relations with all its stakeholders: partners, customers and employees.

Defending a local approach: the Group has taken the decision to recruit teams in each country where it operates, enabling it to adapt to the needs and customs of local consumers and to ensure rapid care thanks to its proximity. We firmly believe that it is by building relationships of trust that we can provide quality service.


Reinventing ourselves every day

Innovation is a driving force for our Group. Our corporate culture encourages boldness, energy and performance. We always favour both individual and collective initiatives. By listening to the market and its expectations, we are also giving ourselves the means to anticipate needs, to create the insurance and service offers of the future.


Excellence or nothing

Offering a quality and tailor-made service is at the heart of Indexia Group’s experience. We are guided on a daily basis by the priority of designing reliable services that meet consumers’ needs. Our teams of experts constantly monitor, measure and improve the quality of our services according to precise indicators. In this way, we ensure that our customers receive the best possible support.


Evolving in order to exceed

Pragmatic at heart, our strength lies in our ability to adapt to the rhythm of technological innovations and changing uses. Each new situation is an opportunity for the company to renew and develop itself. We are able to constantly adjust our processes and methods, quickly and flexibly, to ensure a high level of efficiency in our services


A human adventure first and foremost

Our Group is at the service of others: respect and caring are the fundamental values on which our identity is built. They contribute to everyone’s well-being and create a relationship of trust with all our partners. In practice, these values translate into listening, kindness and tolerance towards all our stakeholders. Every customer, every employee, every partner matters and is recognised at their true value.