Since its creation, our Group has been committed to championing a social model centred on people, recognition, trust and kindness.

During this period of turmoil caused by the health crisis, when a large number of companies are reinventing their management and favouring remote working, well-being at work is more than ever at the heart of concerns.

Our Group encourages initiative and risk-taking, and recognises the efforts and contributions of everyone. It is extremely important that our company allows our employees to develop professionally.

Our quality certifications


Since 2017, Indexia Group has been awarded the HappyAtWork certification: a certification that rewards French companies for the quality of working life they offer their employees.

With an employee recommendation rate of 91%, our Group has been awarded the precious label for companies with 1,000 to 4,999 employees for the 5th consecutive year. This label rewards Indexia Group’s initiatives in favour of a working environment that respects the well-being of its employees, parity, diversity and ethics.



Happy Trainees

In 2021, Indexia Group was awarded the HappyTrainees certification, which rewards the welcome, management and training of young work-study students and interns.

  • 3% of young people consider that they are progressing and learning at Celside Insurance
  • 9% recommend Celside Insurance for a work-study or internship period
  • 7% find that work organization respects their work-life balance

Employee opinion

4.62 / 5

  • 97% Are satisfied with the benefits offered (bonuses, incentives, profit-sharing, participation, insurance, holidays, housing assistance, employee representative committees...)
  • 87% Trust the management
  • 85% Find meaning in their work

Professional Equality Index


Assessed on 5 indicators and scored out of 100 points, the Equality Index was created as a tool to improve equality between women and men within companies.

In 2021, the results obtained by our Group for each indicator are as follows:

  • Pay gap indicator: 39/40
  • Increase rate gap indicator: 20/20
  • Promotion rate gap indicator: 15/15
  • Return from maternity leave indicator: not calculable
  • High pay indicator: 5/10

An overall score of 94 points out of 100, up from 93/100 in 2020.