A word from the CEO

We strongly believe that a company must leave a positive imprint as part of a sustainable and responsible future. The principles of Corporate Social Responsibility are at the heart of our development projects. Indeed, through positive actions with meaning, Indexia Group intends to actively participate in the transformation of society by putting people and the environment at the centre of its concerns.


Sadri Fegaier, Founder & CEO of Indexia Group

A Group at the service of sustainable transformation

Our CSR pillars

The circular economy

Our Group is committed to promoting the values of the circular economy and a culture of digital environmental responsibility to reduce the impact of electronic waste on the planet by respecting the principles of the “5 Rs”:

  • Reducewaste and the generation of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
  • Repairor Resell before throwing away
  • Recycleto give multimedia devices a second life
  • Rethinkuses and consumption patterns by proposing sustainable alternatives.

People at the centre

  • Promote inclusion and digital education: our Group is committed to initiatives aimed at reducing the digital divide, promoting social inclusion and integrating the most vulnerable people through new technologies. We are also committed to raising awareness of positive digital citizenship.
  • Strengthen local development and solidarity: we work for the economic and social development of the regions where we are present, through job creation, promotion of community well-being and solidarity initiatives.
  • Act on quality of life at work: we pay particular attention to our employees’ working conditions. We value well-being in the company and promote the career development of our employees in order to allow them to grow personally and professionally.

Through the concrete actions taken by its brands, our Group participates in the positive changes at its level that are building the society of tomorrow.


Our CSR commitments

  • Encourage more responsible consumption
  • Participate in the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity
  • Act for diversity and equal opportunities
  • Promote the training and employment of young people and quality of life at work
  • Contribute to food security for the most deprived people

Our projects